5 Reasons You Should Build Your Next Website Design Project on WordPress

If you’re looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use platform for your website design project, you should consider WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular web development frameworks in the world, and for a good reason – it’s versatile and user-friendly. WordPress currently powers over 43% off all websites (and a whopping 63% when looking at CMS usage). So why is WordPress the right website platform for you; the simple answer is that WordPress offers you everything you need. It provides a blank slate and offers infinite possibilities so you can build amazing web experiences for your business.

Before we dive deeper into the reasons why we think your next website design project should be built on WordPress, let’s look at the long answer to why we are WordPress-first.

WordPress really does have infinite possibilities—ranging from blogs and educational platforms to e-commerce solutions and much, much more. Regardless of what you are trying to build, if you can imagine it, you can build it on WordPress. With more than 50,000 plugins currently available at WordPress.org (downloaded over 1.4 billion times worldwide) and countless others being custom-developed, you can find something that will help you achieve the website of your dreams.
Let’s dive into the top five reasons we love working with WordPress to build world-class quality websites for ourselves and our clients.

Reason 1: WordPress is an Open Source Platform

WordPress is an open-source and free-to-use platform that offers access to a wide range of plugins for added functionality, such as WooCommerce for eCommerce services online. This also means that there is a large community of developers who contribute to the development of WordPress, and as a result, there are always new features and updates being released. Moreover, because WordPress is open source , it is free to use – you don’t need to pay any licensing fees.

You can also host WordPress sites in the hosting environment of your choice

Our recommended hosts for your next website design project are:

  • BigScoots

From a design point of view, you have thousands of themes available to choose from when you build your next website. What types of themes, you ask? Anything you can think of, honestly. Technology, entertainment, healthcare, business, finance, art & design, fashion, education, real estate, non-profit, eCommerce, and more.

To make building websites even easier, there are many web design element builders available for WordPress, with the top options including Guttenburg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi Builder. These builders are well known for their sleek interfaces, ease of use, range of template & widget offerings, ability to design with or without coding knowledge, and many other notable features.

Our recommended WordPress website builders are:

  • Elementor
  • Divi

Reason 2: WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress is an extremely user-friendly platform, which makes it perfect for those who are not familiar with web development or coding. The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, and there is a ton of documentation available online to help you if you get stuck.

WordPress features and easy to use Dashboard with all menu items on the left sidebar (and in some cases at the top of your screen). From this menu, you can do everything you need to do including creating new pages, installing plugins, reviewing statistics or managing your e-Commerce store through WooCommerce.

WordPress also makes it a breeze to update your website from the Updates tab, which lists any plugins, themes or core files that need to be updated. NOTE: We always recommend taking backups of your website prior to doing any updates.

WordPress is not just a blogging platform! What makes it so great is the integrated e-Commerce platform, WooCommerce (which can be activated as a free plugin from the Plugins tab). You can be selling your product or service within a few clicks and less than an hour for basic setups.

Reason 3: WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

If you want your website design project to be successful, it’s important to make sure it is search engine friendly. Fortunately, WordPress is designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. WordPress websites are easy to index, and you can use plugins to further optimize your website for search engines.

Popular SEO plugins such as Rank Math and Yoast do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to making your website ready for search engines. These plugins will allow you to setup your website to be easily found on the web including creating required sitemaps, adding meta descriptions and auditing pages for SEO best practices.

After installing your preferred SEO plugin, you’ll notice there is are sections for SEO settings in the WordPress page editor.

This is where you can add your title tag and meta description. You can also specify whether or not to index the page, as well as if you want the post to appear in search results.

Reason 4: WordPress is Secure

Another important consideration when choosing a web development platform is security. WordPress is a very secure platform, however, it’s important to note that no platform is completely secure, and you should always take steps to secure your website. That being said, because of its open source nature and a thriving development community, core software security issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

There are also a number of security plugins available for WordPress which will help to secure your website against common attacks. We recommend using a plugin such as Wordfence or Sucuri to secure your WordPress website.

On your website your given the freedom to also implement other security tools such as Recaptcha for forms, two factor authentication for logins, various virus scanning tools and many of the security protocols that are required for enterprise applications.

We recommend that your website feature:

  • Akisment for form spam protection
  • Invisible Recaptcha from Google
  • Wordfence firewalls
  • Two Factor Authentication for logins

Reason 5: WordPress if fast

Many people hold a common misconception that WordPress websites are slow and clunky. But that could not be further from reality. Take this website, for example; pages on our site can load in less than a second—that’s fast. Along with picking the right host, optimization is the key (as it would with any builder) to designing a lightning-fast website.

We always recommend to our clients that they:

  • Compress images for quick loads via EWWW
  • Compress and minify CSS, JavaScript, or any HTML through Cloudflare
  • Run your website through a CDN to ensure content can be delivered fast throughout the web
  • Ensure your website host is built has efficient server side optimization technologies such as Litespeed 

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that WordPress has a large support community. If you ever encounter problems while using WordPress, you can easily find help online. Many resources are also available, such as WordPress tutorials, which can help you learn how to use WordPress.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use platform to build your next website, you should consider WordPress.